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    Where do the holes go?

    I'm still leaning about tank drilling and circulation. So, can someone help out?

    Suppose you have a standard tank with one overflow. You want to run two circulations: a sump and a closed loop. Assume that the closed loop will reurn to the tank through a ReefRat or similar device (not needing a hole). How would you drill this?

    1) An output hole (Durso) in the overflow. Would one hole serve both the sump and the closed loop? If not, would you put both outputs in the overflow area?

    2) Could you return both the sump and close loop through a common line? If not, where would you place a return hole for the sump line? At the water level?

    3) If you used separate holes for the closed loop, would you use 1 hole or 2 holes?


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    CLOSED LOOP: you can drill 1 or 2 holes in the back of your tank or sides off the ground around 10'' so sand doesn't get sucked in and return it any way you want. over the top,drill for return or REEFRAT.

    SUMP&RETURN: you can have both the drain and return in the overflow or also have the return drilled near the top or over the lip of the tank. as long as you have a small syphon hole drill just below the water line on your returns so they won't drain to much in case of a power outage.

    keep the 2 systems seperate.

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    Thanks. Keeping things separate makes sense.

    Why would you have the sump return go back into the overflow? Wouldn't that just re-circulate the sump water rather mixing the entire tank water?

    Some people seem to have a closed loop returning to multiple holes in the back, some drilled towards the bottom of the tank. I assume this would be a bad idea for sump circulation (wouldn't the whole tank would drain to the sump is the power went off?). I would worry for a closed loop that it would really mess up the sand bed.

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    Nickb When they say return in the overflow box they only mean the access hole in the glass. A pipe would be attached there that directs that returned water to the tank at a different location. Also a closed loop is just that CLOSED .. meaning that water goes from the tank directly back into the tank. it dose not involve the sump system. In a power failure no water is lost from the closed loop.

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