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Thread: bug id please

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    bug id please

    Okay, so I've got these little bugs. They're about 1cm long, kind of curl underneath at the back, and have almost tentacle-like thingys. The thingys are longer on the curved-under back (sort of like it's butt is rolling in on itself). What are they? My tank has been set up for three months now, but I'm still finding new things in there. Apparently I've got porcelain crabs (or something like that - they don't come out long enough to get a good look), a bunch of tube worms, and a crapload of brittle stars, all of which have been noticed in the last two weeks!
    Oh well, back to the real reason I posted, what are those buggy things? Are they harmful?


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    Sounds like an Amphipod.

    They're good to have.
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