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    Question Refugium substrate

    What do you guys use for substrate or a bio-bed in your refugiums?

    what typically is a must inside the refugium?

    Anyone use Miracle Mud?


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    just fine sand like reef sand works.nothing special. just seed it if you like with some sand from an established tank.

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    My refugium is meant to be just a holding area for macro algae, and a place for various micro-creatures to have shelter to multiply and "feed" the main tank. I just put in a couple of inches of dead sand, and on top added some small pebble sized piced of live rock. On top of that, is spagetti macro. I've also put a few nassarius snails in to keep the bed stirred up. Nothing else.

    It has become almost impossible to see inside any more because there is nothing to keep the diatoms under control, but that isn't the point. Inside is a thriving population of copepods, amphipods, mysis shrimp etc. It is litterally a teeming bug farm, and the macro helps remove nutrients.

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    Zookeeper what size is your refugium. Can you give some details on what is in there and what you add to keep it going. Another thing i wanted to know when you have flow throught there how does the live contents inside not get washed into the main tank?
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    Another thing i wanted to know when you have flow throught there how does the live contents inside not get washed into the main tank?
    You want some of the critters to get washed into the main tank and provide food for your fish and corals etc. Of course you don't want everything to get washed out, so that's why you use a reduced flow in the refugium compared to the main tank. As long as the flow is right you'll maintain a nice population of life and supply a steady flow of natural live food into your main tank.

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    I use Miracle Mud in my refuge with 24/7 lighting.It works great for me but its expensive though.


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