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    Good Day all,
    I have 90 gallon RR I set up 2 weeks ago. I put in 100lbs of Haitian LR which cured in rubbermaids for month before going in (tank wasn't set up yet) & 150 lbs of caribsea sugar sand. I am running a Euroreef CS6-2+ which is pulling out alot of gunk. I am getting a diatom bloom now and would like to put in some snails. I was waiting for ammonia spike but never happened. I am assuming it is because LR was already cured. I tested using Salifert test kits and readings are as follows:
    Ammonia - 0
    Nitrites - 0 low enough that it is hard to tell
    Nitrates - 12
    PH - 8.3-4
    Alk 10.5
    Phosphates - 0 (RODI water)
    Salinity - 1.024 (refractometer)
    temp - 78

    Should I be safe to put in some snails then wait another week or 2 and add a fish? I also have some LR in my refuge.

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    did you put in anything to cause an ammonia spike?(ie: raw shrimp)
    if not you probably should. if so than my guess is your cycled. good job

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    I would as well just throw a small piece of raw shrimp in and wait another few weeks and test again. no hurry. 2 weeks is nothing in this lovely hobby

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    I agree with Johnny. Just because it didn't cycle with your pre-cured live rock doesn't mean it wouldn't if you added livestock. MUCH safer to go with the raw table shrimp first to make sure enough denitrifying bacteria have built up to handle it.

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    My snails were in my tank all through cycling and lived same with my hermits.
    Anybody can start a reef tank it takes a realy intrest in the hobby to maintain one.

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