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    Question Expired Live Sand

    I bought some a bag of live sand to throw into my new fuge.

    I added it to the fuge and put the remainder on top of the existings substrate.

    What I did notice after the fact was that the expiry date of the live sand was Nov 2002. The bag also mentioned there was a 6 month shelf live. I in trouble with a bunch of dead bacteria etc..??..or will the sand simply be not as affective as it should be.

    Should I expect an amonia spike?

    thanks again

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    I doubt it will cause any problems, it's probably just not going to be effective. Bagged live sand like that is just sand with bacteria, not much of a help to a refugium if the tank is already established. You'd be better off getting a cup of sand from a few friends reefs.

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    FWIW, and I know you'll probably not believe me ( so you can read up on this from the likes of Anthony Calfo, Bob Fener, and such) but bagged live sand is all a marketing gimmick. You're really just buying expensive moist sand. Ask yourself the question " Why do I have to start the cycle in a new tank y adding something like a piece of raw shrimp or similar"? Because for the bacteria to grow and prosper, it needs nourishment. Now, how do you think this bacteria that is sealed in a hermetically sealed bag will survive and continue to flourish? It won't.
    The only real way to get good livesand is to do like Flame Angel mentioned a get a cup from a friend's established tank ( just make sure you don't get any surprise gifts such as flatworms, etc...). The old fashioned way of passing some sand to a friend is still the best way to do it.

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    I'll reiterate Toutouche's comment.

    I have never read any study, discussion et all that speaks of baged live sand as being beneficial.....especially vs. it's price. Use regular "dead" sand, and seed it with some really good stuff. Beg, plead or borrow some from someone else. I'll give you a cup from my tank if you come and get it. Guaranteed flatworm free!

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    My tank prospered after 1 cup of sand from the RS and that was all it took.
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