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    Unhappy starting out NEW in saltwater

    I am real new here I looking at what is a good size tank 55 ? for (fish and some coral etc) what type of filter should i use canister or a sump type and what about lighting and good starting fish and or books, mags to read please and thanks
    for any info.

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    A 55 is a good size tank, but its better to start off larger if you can ( space, money etc) becuase upgrading is a hassle.

    I think the best piece of equpiment you can get is a good skimmer, and in my opinion the best skimmers are in sump models, i've tried about 4 different hang on skimmers and was never happy, i got a euroreef, and i would never go back.

    Lighting will just depend on what you want to keep, you can go with anything from NO PC VHO or metal halides
    50 Gal SPS/LPS Mixed Reef
    25 Gal Fuge
    Neptune Aquacontroller
    Pro Cal Calcium Reactor
    Acrylic City Kalk Reactor
    Euroreef CS6-3 Skimmer
    2x175W MH 1x250W MH 2x65W Actinics

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    YES. if space and budget will allow for it get the largest tank you can. This is actually MORE important for beginners because the larger volume of water will be MORE stable and have the ability to absorb the errors that will be made along the way without necessarily harming all your stock. Rob

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    I got interested in reef tanks last fall and originally planned a 55G without sump but with a hang-on skimmer. After spending a couple of months reading, I opted to go smaller (29G) without sump or skimmer. I know this goes against the standard recommendation but my reasoning was as follows:

    It would give me a chance to learn the basics of preparing a tank, caring for animals, aquascaping and developing experience in tank design which would help me when up-grading. I was prepared to accept that I would likely need to replace equipment which I had bought for the 29G when I up-graded. However, I saw that as an investment to help me make better decisions and design choices for a larger tank. Another factor was that I knew a 55G would be too small for the long term but didn't really know enough to decide what I wanted to do with a larger tank. The final factor was that I didn't know if I would enjoy the hobby enough to keep going. As such, I could justify the expense of the 29G more readily than a 75G or 90G.

    I have had no trouble maintaining water quality, using water changes and an HOB refugium from Harley. The tank is not heavily stocked (which helps). Plus, BE PATIENT! The biggest mistake you could make (whatever tank you get) is rushing the process!

    Just a different perspective.

    What books have you run across? There are a number of really good introductory books that you would be advised to read before taking the jump. Also, read this site and other sites (e.g. Reef Central), both the fora and the 'how-to' articles they provide.

    One of the biggest and most costly decisions will relate to lighting. If you want to keep clams and corals like acropora, you will need Metal Halide lights (which cost several hundred dollars). For corals like the euphyllias (torch, frogspawn), most soft corals, etc, you could use VHO flourescent lights (which I have) or PC lighting. This would cost a lot less. This decision is a major one in terms of what you can do with the tank. You can up-grade in the future but there would be some duplication of costs.

    Are you planning to build your own stand, etc.? You will find lots of good plans and ideas on the various sites.

    Welcome and best wishes.

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    First let me say many thanks to all of you who have posted, its has made for some great reading.

    I do not have a tank at this time but did have a 55 gal FOWLR when I was 16 and had a great time with it. At the time (in Mississauga) the only help I had was Big Als (16 years ago) and I can not get over how things have changed!

    So anyway I am now looking at getting a tank around 125gal or so and am just waiting to see if I sell my condo this year or not since I would not want to move it any time soon after setup.

    Question number one that I have. Does anyone know of a good place in Montreal to get tanks ect?

    Question two, if I set up a tank in my current place there would be a great deal of sun no matter where I put it, I have to assume this will give me a big algee problem, right?

    Thanks again!


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    hello there

    I was reading your option on starting a new salt water
    aquarium.......Welcome to the never ending hobby.
    as many of us will tell you and in particular all of us who have
    also gotten into this hobby...the best advice we can tell you is
    do a bit of reseach..overyone will tell you as to what works
    for them..But in reality not all equipment will work for you
    as averybody has different set ups and species.
    Here are some of the books which will perhaps give you
    an insight of the hobby.
    (The new marine aquarist). step by step & stocking guide.
    By Michael S palleta.
    (Marine reef aquarium hand book). By Dr RobertJ goldstein
    a very excellent book.
    (The captive reef). A concise guide to reef aquaria at home.
    By Dana Riddle. mainly deals with soft and hard corals.
    So you see what you can and then decide if you
    want to start with a big tank.......have your check and
    credit cars handy as this hobby is a very expensive one.
    good luck:angel:

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