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    Smile more info please

    thanks so far ,Any suggestions on reading material or is a sumptype filtering system the way to go or could i use a rena cannister type, if i had just fishlong term my goal is reef and live rock and i cant decide what type of aquqrium to get what about width or depth some tanks are really deep ie.24inch or is this standard
    because i am new i have looked at some of the regular pet stores petsmart,petset,big al;s aquq illusions in alberta any idea form all would be helpful

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    Welcome to AC. Not to chase you away, but here is a forum that is a little closer to you - If you decide to buy/trade equipment/frags, this will save on shipping. Do a lot of reading of old threads on this site as well as other forums. Another great forum is It is so big that a newbie can get lost but the amount of info available for your reading is amazing. Here are some on-line magazines that I browse regularily - and I don't want to forget This will get you started. I would recommend reading for a month or so and then decided fish only, fish with living rock, reef or .... Then start reading and looking at the photos of various sized tanks to decide on the tank you would like to start with. Of course how much money you have available to spend, will have to be factored into this. Of course, post specific questions as they come up and we will try to answer them.


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