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    very silly cucumber

    I was under the impression that cucumbers liked to stay on sand or rocks. Mine however, seems to feel mostly at home on the glass. I have been keeping an eye on him when he's on the sand, and no one is harrassing him. Is this normal behaviour, or is my cuke bizarre?

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    Hard to say. There are at least five different genera of "sea cucumbers", and at least 20 different species.....all with different characteristics, habits etc.

    Can you give us more info on your cucumber?

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    Sure. He's a black sea cucumber (holothuria atra), about 3 inches long, no other cukes in the tank. I've had him for about 1 month now. For the first half, he stayed on the sand/rocks; now he's barely ever on the bottom. 0 Nitrates, no copper medication ever in tank. He was actually a gift, and now I'm worried that I may not be providing him with the best environment. Liveaquaria puts him in the expert only categaory (which I am not), although I'm not sure why. Any suggestions, or if you need more info, please let me know.

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    I used to have 2 of these same cukes. I now only have one left for the past year. 1 died awhile ago and I'm convinced it had a parasite because even though it was always active and constantly cleaning the sand, it was slowly shrinking til it was tiny then one day it died by expelling it's plumbing. When I had the 2 however, 1 always stayed on the sand and climbed a bit over the rockwork, but the other was always climbing the glass too. Don't know why?????? One way to look at it though is you have to remember that "we" know what is the rockwork and what is the glass panes, but to the animals the glass is just another very big flat rock as far as they're concerned..., so they just journey over it. Maybe it's simply because yours is very active and not satisfied with just the sand. Maybe you have an "overachiever" cuke!!!!!

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