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    strange spiral shaped thingys

    The sides of may tank and rocks are all covered in very small spiral shaped things. They are about the size of a colon ( , ). They started on tha glass, but have since migrated to the rocks. They look alomost snail-like, but they don't seem to move, and they aren't getting any bigger. They are almost impossible to get a photo of, but here goes...

    Any ideas?

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    i think they are baby snails.

    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
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    They are small feather dusters.
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    yes they are a dwarf type of featherduster.
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    Yes they are a darf feather duster be carful because hermit crabs eat them. You will also fine little red ones a bit bigger than these they only stay about the same size as the shells of the ones in the pic.
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