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Thread: Kalk Drip?

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    Kalk Drip?

    I am thinking about starting a kalk drip to bring up my calcium (currently 350-360) and I was wandering what that will do to my ph & alk. My PH is always around 8.3-8.4 and my alk. is always around 10.6-10.9. Tank has been running for about 1 month and have 1 clown and some snails and 100lbs. of live rock in 90 gallon + sump & refugium. what do you think?


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    Just out of curiousity, what additives do you use now?

    If your only reason to drip kalk is to raise your calcium, I don't think you should do it. Your ph and alk are perfect- adding kalk would boost these more than your calcium. Kalkwasser has a more dramatic effect on ph and alk than calcium so I think you would put your parameters even more out of whack- I'm not saying your parameters are bad, just slightly imbalanced.

    SO... I suggest you get some Seachem's Reef advantage calcium (1st choice) or some other calcium additive like Kent's Turbo calcium and give your tank a one shot dose to bring up only the calcium level. Once all three parameters are in line, ie; your calcium to 400-420ppm, you can then consider a kalk drip. BUT only if you stop adding any other buffer/alk. boosters.
    In a new tank, with very few corals or bioload, you only need to drip a small amount of kalk to keep ALL THREE parameters in line.
    And just in case you didn't know, kalk is an excellant way of removing algea promoting phosphates, too.

    When using kalk for the first time, it is VERY important to test alk and ph daily until you know exactly how much you need to keep these parameters in your target zone.

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    I agree,

    Kalk dripping will take forever to bring up your calcium, but with a liquid Ca suppliment you could have it up to proper levels in a week, kalk dripping is generally used to maintain calcium levels
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