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Thread: Coral Care

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    Coral Care

    Can anyone suggest a good book with resource material that describes coral care and what to look for when trying to keep corals healthy or spotting trouble before it gets to far!

    p.s. I should add that the corals I recieved from Ivan a few weeks ago are doing great, growin' and glowin', Thanks again Ivan for the great service and by the looks of another thread an order is in order !!

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    Eric Borneman has a book called Aquarium Corals. This is the best in my opinion. Also, Anthony Calfo & Bob Fenner have a book called Reef Invertebrates which is a pretty close second.

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    FYI there s a coral section on reefcentral, and IMO its often better to ask personal questions to expert reefers than to spend your hard earned $ on a book. however if i never had a coral addiction i would definitly buy that book.:

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