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    New Blennie Died

    The new Lawnmower Blennie I got the other day died. The poor little bugger got his head stuck in the powerhead. Hubby found him this afternoon.He was wedged in tight. He got him out ,but he died shortly after. The powerhead has a grid covering the intake, but the intake extends out past it about 1/4 inch. I've friction fit some heavy grade plastic mesh in there (the kind used for crafts)so it won't happen again. Ivan, I hope you have another in stock.:bawling:

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    Thats too bad. I have one, and I love him. I think he is kinda ugly, but I think that I like him cause of it.
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    Yes, I know they're not much to look at at first but they grow on you and the have lots of personality, not to mention the great job they do controlling algae.

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    Bummer Jeeves, I feel for you....I lost my lawnmower a couple weeks ago..
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    Sorry to hear about that, I feel for you.

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    Thanks Guys, I have one on order from Ivan, hopefully it will be here in a week or two.

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    I have one too and they do 'grow on you' and they're not ugly! They are merely aesthetically challenged!
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