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    Hey Haligonians!

    My wife and I and my father-in-law are travelling to Kentville on the 22nd via air to Halifax and rental car to Kentville.We'll be attending two weddings and a 65th anniversary (no funerals LOL!) in the space of a week.

    What marine aquarium store(s) should I check out while in your fair cities?

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    The only good store is call Aqua Creations. They are located on Quinpool St. Make a right off Robie when you see the holiday Inn.

    Everything else is pets Unlimited. There is a PETS Unlimited that is in the procces of upgrading there fish section. This will probally not be ready for at least 2 months.

    IJO has a post of all local fish stores in the Area. You may want to have a look at that as well

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