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    what type(s) of phytoplankton?

    I getting ready to order some phyto from reefcrew, but I'm not sure what knid to get. At this point I just need some to help the copepod population, and to begin culturing. There are three different kinds available. Is one (or more) preferable?

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    What kind of Corals do you have! ..

    they 3 types of Pytho are different size particals...

    I prefer Tetraselmis as it larger and great for feeding clams... and for the rest of the tank i feed it Nannochloropsis Oculata ..

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    To start culturing, I would recommend Tetraselmis (TET). It seems to be the hardiest. I haven't had a crash with TET but both NCP (Nannochloropsis) & NAN (Nannochloris) have crashed for me. ISO ((Isochysis) seems to be the easiest to crash.

    It ideal is to culture all of them as they are different sizes and feed different organisms. Each species has different amounts of protein, fat, carbohydrates, ash, EPA and total omega 3. As with any other food - it is best to have a variety.


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