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    hyposalinity with medication

    Anybody tried hyposalinity for marine ich?Did you ever use that method with medication?

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    yes I've try'd it with meds. personally, I think once a fish is that sick [your angel] the only recourse is to put it to sleep. once a fish is not eating and on its side with no fins left its a gonner. I do things a little different now when I buy livestock. I QT it in a tank with same water as main tank. if its eating and doing good then in the main tank it goes. If it gets sick in the main tank then I just let nature take its course. Having some cleaner shrimp and gobies helps alot as well as selcon/garlic soaked food. I feel that pulling a fish out of its main tank and subjecting it to meds an/or HYPO usually push it over the edge anyways.The way I look at it if a fish is sick enough that you can catch it in your reef tank then VERY good chance it will not make it anyways. IMO

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