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    Question need info to start a Fish Only setup

    Hi All,

    I was thinking about turning my fresh water 35Gal in to a saltwater fish only tank. No corals or inverts.

    I was wondering what I would require as far as equipment and setup procedures? Do I need live rock and or would a filter and skimmer be enough?

    Any advice would be most appreciated.


    Oh my that's expensive :canadian: oof:

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    I recently converted my 30 gal cichlid tank to a SW setup with LR and some corals. I reused the aragonite base (washed the shite outta it)! I added some mature LR & CC from my tank at home. Its doing quite well, its on its 4th month. I am in the process of upgrading the lights from the two 24" NOs to 4 36" NOs. I have a 802 powerhead, as well as a Fluval 402 with just carbon in it (no filter!). I will eventually add a skimmer.

    In summary, go for it! Start with FOLR (IMOHO!) and build it from there....

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    Watch out if you have used any copper-based meds in the FW tank. That would get into the substrate and make it impossible to keep invertebrates. If you did use copper, it would be prudent (and cheaper in the long run) to use new substrate at least.

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    Thanks. I'd replace the gravel with some sand blasting sand or pool filter sand. I didn't really want to get live rock and there will be no corals. I'd like to get a puffer possibly.

    In the future (a few years away) I'd like to setup a 65Gal reef. Any suggestions on equipment, brands and models as well as setup steps for the 35?
    Oh my that's expensive :canadian: oof:

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    IMO i think you should get a few pounds or LR. You wont need as much as a reef but it will help you purify your water.

    For your equipment, i would suggest you an AC Remora Pro if you think you will change later on for a 65Gal reef.

    As for your lightning, you better buy strong light, then you wont have to change it later when you will go in reef. Depending on what kind of corals you want, you have the choice between VHO, T5 and MH. PC can also do the job depending on what you want.

    I think that the most important things are the protein skimmer and the light in saltwater. So its better if you buy something a little more expensive and that will do the job proprely.

    For the sand, i suggest you not to put a bed sand reading that you might have chemical problems later on. An inch of sand will be ok.

    Anyways, that is my opinion, i am still a newbie ...

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    Thanks i2ik,

    Looks like this is going to be on hold again for awhile. I'll have to try to save up for a few pounds of LR in the meantime.
    Oh my that's expensive :canadian: oof:

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