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Thread: Crabs anyone?

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    Crabs anyone?

    Hi all,

    I've tried taking pictures of these guys & they all come out the same. Brown, slightly blurry crabs. With white claws.

    One's maybe the size of a quarter the other's lighter brown (almost gray) and smaller than a dime. Both are hard as heck to photograph. I don't know if they adopted the cave they were living in or if they made it. (yes it was a merry chase)

    Sooo, I don't think I'm going to get a decient ID on them, but I don't want to flush them out of hand. They both hitch-hiked in on a 3.5lb piece of live rock I picked up from Marinescape.

    If anyone has a 'fuge or some other home for them & wants to pick them up (I'm spitting distance from Ivan's) they're all yours. No idea what they eat or if they're reef safe.


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    crabs anyone

    I'd take them for my fuge Right no I keep transfering my hermits every other week its kind of a pain so yes Icould use them !Thers nothing for them to hurt in it anyway .&I'm heading to Ivans for 3pm today.Let me know by 2pm or call Ivans just after 3 I'll be their if your wanting to get rid of them today.
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    Hi Dan,

    They're all yours. I sent you a PM.

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