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    live sand from the east coast

    Can i use live sand from the east coast of canada?
    i was thinking that a few cups in the fuge would help to diversify my tanks eco system.
    good idea or bad?
    cheers orion

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    I think the Fauna from this latitude would not like the temperature of the aquariums......last time I went swimming on the east coast the water was quite cool compared to the tropics where most of our aquarium life is collected from......

    Never know may work though would have to try and experiment.

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    Like Rob said..

    I wouldn't do it - likely it would all die, adding a load to the system. You might also pickup polutants and/or pests.
    Fishysan ><>
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    ok wont risk it..
    just thought maybe it would work.
    I here of some people keeping stuff from the west coast of canada in tanks they must keep there tanks cooler
    well its to bad though had me a family member going to the east coast this long week end

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