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Thread: all-glass tanks

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    all-glass tanks

    any opinions on this brand i think I going to order a 72 bow with overflow will this fit well on the oceanic black stand.also what's alll needed to build my own sump ?

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    All glass has a pretty good rep given that they are a mass producer of ready to use retail tanks. I have had 3 tanks made by them in the past ( a 50 long, a 125,and the one I currently have now ... a 100) and had no issues with any of them.

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    why not get an Oceanic tank for that stand - at least you know it guranteed to match the size.
    if you are set on all-glass, i would call them up as well as oceanic to see if they will reassure you that the tank will match the same size as the stand. with a regular tank its easier to match, but i'm not sure if the bow-fronts will be exact.
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    I have a new All-Glass 180 Megaflow which I love.
    I'm not too sure about the stand though, Try what Alrha said.
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