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Thread: lobster tank

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    lobster tank

    I know it's kind of diffrent from keeping a pet tank, but the restaurant i work at wants me to set them up a tank where they can hold lobsters for sale in the restaurant. Basicaly pics your own lobster and the chef will prepare it in the back. Now what i'm not shure of is what will he need this is my guess at least a
    1 100 gal tank

    2 just a glass cover so people don't put hands or stuff in tank

    3 some sort of lighting

    4 a stand

    5 a filter system now this is where it gets sort of tricky
    would a canister like eheim filter would do for this?
    because they would not be there for very long.

    6 sand won't be needed but i was thinking of painting the underside of the tank just so looks nice but not shure what kind?

    Now this is where i'm at for now if you could give me your thoughts or comments on this it would be great. tell you the truth not realy looking forward in doing this because if this goes wrong my head will roll:bawling:


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    like'ly a chiller as lobsters need cold water...actually check the grocery stores that have live lobsters, that's basically what you'll need
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    At my local redlobster they just have about a 75g tank with one light (white) and a undergravel filter with no substrate, and the chiller.

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    A commercial system has more than what you've discussed so far. Have a look at the breakdown on the website I attached. While those lobsters are food stock, I suggest that you focus on making their holding conditions more than just minimal survival.
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