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    Stocking a 72 Gal FOWLR

    Just planning a 72g fowlr and trying to work out the livestock.

    On my list is

    A couple of clowns
    A pygmy Angel
    A Racoon Butterfly
    A Hippo Tang
    and maybe 3 Chromis

    I would like to get some feedback on the compatibility and order I should introduce them.

    Also I would be looking to get a cleanup crew, shrimp, snails etc, Would they be safe with the fish mentioned

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    The only thing I think you should reconsider is the hippo tang. They get pretty big and I think your 72g might be a bit small for one. A kole tang or yellow tang might be a better choice. You may even find your tank full enough without the tang. I'd get 5 chromis instead, they are much more brave and likely to school in a group of 5 instead of 3.

    I'd add the clowns first, then the chromis, then the butterfly, then the angel last. It's best to add in order of aggression with the most aggressive fish last.

    No problems with shrimp or snails with any of the fish you've listed.

    Hope this helps!

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