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    Questions as I go

    Been viewing this board for a very long time and 3+ weeks ago we converted our fw 29g Eclipse tank over to salt. I just want to make sure that I've done things somewhat correct in setting up this system so if you have some suggestions or comments please post. Ill give a run down on what I've done to date.

    Day 1: Filled tank with RO water and salt at 75C to get 1.025.
    Ran powerhead and Eclipse hood pump for next few days to make sure levels were correct.
    Day 2: Added 60-70 pounds Carib Sea Aragamax and 15 pounds cured live rock. Levels all normal.
    Day 10: Added another 15 pounds cured live rock. Normal levels.
    Day 19: Add 4 hermit crabs. Levels good.
    Day 21: Add 1 damsel fish. Levels good.
    Day 23: All levels have remained the same since setup.

    The damsel will be moved out of the tank for some clowns soon. What I really want to know is what type of coral can I keep with this amount of lighting(standard Eclipse 2*20 Marine Glo/PowerGlo) and when should I be able to add anything. If this small tank works out I'd like to convert one of my 75g planted tanks to salt so this is a small test in a way.

    Any suggestions would be great

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    I got to do my FIRST welcome message!!

    What you are doing sounds reasonble based on my own start-up experience with a non-Eclipse 29G. Your lighting is very low level and may not have the best 'K' rating for corals. You should be able to keep low light corals like mushrooms and some softies. But for most corals, you will need a lighting up-grade.

    A couple of questions:

    1) Did you ever use copper-based meds in the tank? If so, that will be a serious problem for keeping invertebrates.

    2) Did you ever have a nitrite or ammonia spike?

    3) Getting damsels out of tanks can be a real struggle.

    4) Do you have any filtration other than the rock and the hood?

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    Welcome to the board DARK. Given the load you have put on this new setup I am surprised that you have not seen some change in the water chemistry? IMO there should have been some sign of a cycle even if small. Being that the tank is only 23 days old I would at this point keep an eye on the water quality until at least 30 days has come to pass. If after that all remains OK you could add your clown fish. Once they settle in ands prove to be healthy ( say 30 days) then you can consider your options in the low light corals.

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    Thank you for the reply's.
    I was surprised to see no part of the cycle, just figured the cured rock and eveything in/on it had something to do with it. This tank has never had meds put in it so I'm covered there. I was under the impression that 2 - 24" bulbs would allow me to have some of the nicer coral, being that one is Actinic and the other is 18000k. I just tested for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and there is 5ppm of nitrAte. So if there was a cycle I missed it. At this time Im not using a sump or skimmer because I had planned to change water out when nitrAte got near 10, but I could be wrong with this. Im using a powerhead for water movement and plan on adding another one soon.

    With my Africans breeding like well Africans, I hope to convert my 72g Oceanic Bow over to sw but will learn with the 29g before I spend any more money.

    Thanks again for the help.

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    i started up the same almost a year ago with the same tank and impressions. three weeks later i ditched the canopy for 220watts of power compact lighting whitch allowed me two keep some lps corrals and an anemones to host the clarks clown fish that i added to the tank the day after i bought it(shes still with me, its really hard to kill those fish). i added a protein skimmer and a canister filter.with that setup i ran without any major problems for 4 months when i upgraded the tank. wait a while and read as much as you can before you convert your other tank. it will save you money, give you a more user friendly and better looking tank.

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    I'd hold off on adding any more livestock to the tank for another 3 weeks and keep checking your levels (especially amonia and nitrite). Your tank is still very young. I find that it is best to go slow and enjoy the little things that transform the tank as you coraling, mini feather dusters, spagetti's a great hobby but remember only bad things happen fast!
    35Gal mixed Reef with light fish load. 250W MH, Jebo Skimmer,

    100Gal FOWLR- Heavy fish load and a few soft corals.

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    It is possible to have an undectable cycle if you start with good cured rock. It's still very possible to have an ammonia spike if you add too much too fast. You have some denitrifying bacteria from the rock but not likely enough for more than the damsel.

    I agree with Dadeo, just go slow with stocking and keep an eye on ammonia and all should be fine.

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    Thanks again for all the suggestions.

    I will maintain the tank as is for another couple of weeks just to make sure about the levels. I'd have to say the live rock I bought was very good, tons of coral, 4 crabs, 2 stars and such, so it will keep me busy. As for lighting or other big upgrades, I wont be doing that. I might be moving within the next year and dont feel that starting a big show tank now is worth it.

    In planted tanks we use WPG to determine the correct lighting, how does one do it with salt water? I havent lost any water to evaporation yet but when I do should I use RO water to bring water level back up or use prepped(RO/Salt) water?


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    the wpg does not work on SW.
    all depends what u want to keep.
    some people run 2-3w/g some like me 5-6w/g but some people on this group are up to 12w/g and up... the higher you go.. the more heat.

    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
    planning next tank, possibly 60x30x20 on 2x plasma.
    updated: 2011/05/30

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    Everything is progressing very well. I'd like to know what people think about using the filter pad that comes with Eclipse hoods. I thought about using it while feeding or doing maintenance so that some particles could be trapped within the pad. I know that if its left in the filter chamber it will cause nitrates to raise but I would only use it as planned.

    Any thoughts


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