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    Checking Salinity?

    Just a quick and easy question, what does everybody use to check salinity, and why? I use a simple Full range specific gravity tester, why, because it works and it's simple. But, I'm also thinking of getting a refractometer.

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    You will be better off with the refractometer. Especially at the price AC sells them here.

    You'll be surprised at how far off your hydrometer may be.

    Oh, and I use a Pinpoint Salinity meter, and also a refractometer.
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    The refractometer is a very accurate measuring devise and a welcome addition to any marine aquarium keepers tool box. You can use the other one for quick checks because it will display BIG changes at a glance. use the refractometer when you do your once a week maintenance checks and for mixing up new salt water.

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    Refractometer, I love the ease of use and knowing it's accurate. Very easy to calibrate too.

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    I use a pinpoint monitor - its as easy as it gets, all you have to do is look at the screen and you can see your salinity live.
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    I really like the idea of a monitor. Are they as accurate as a refractometer? How often do you need to calibrate them? Do you calibrate with just fresh water?

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    I just got one and i compared it with my refract. and it was right on.YOu use calibration solution to calibrate it it takes 5 min.

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