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    New Fish = New questions :)

    Hey all,

    The new Ocellaris seem to be eating well. I think actually they'd eat every 15 minutes if I was willing to feed them that often. From what I've read that's a pretty normal apitite.

    Unless the food sinks & then they're not interested. Perhaps I'm just not seeing it, but the only info I found says Ocellaris will eat from anywhere but the top (floating) food.

    Mine are doing the opposite.

    I realise it's early & I should be happy thier eating, I'm just wonding if this is normal & if it is how to get them to eat my sinking blender mush.

    They've nibbled it on the way down, but could really care less about it once it hits bottom or lands on a live rock.

    I'm not terribly worried since they're getting cyclop-eeze once a day, I'd just like to vary their second feeding.


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    Give them time, their habits will change as they get more comfortable- if they are eating- at all, it's all good!
    New fish have to learn to recognize what you are putting in the tank as food. In the wild, they know what to look for, but in the tank, they have to figure that out again

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    My oceaalris always eat on the top and keep an eye on what's falling down. They eat like pigs. When i bought them, the store told me that they love brine shrimp....LOL. I gave them brine shrimp and they never touched it, not even 1. I feed them some falkes w/garlic and mysis shrimps. I just bought a tang and noticed that he might be a bit dumb because he doesn't notice food floating on the top...only what falls down.
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    When I bought my Ocellaris I asked what they (the store) fed them, just to try and make it easier on the fish. My plan was to slowly mix in my other food. Well once I started feeding them they showed no intrest in the food they were use to, so I sprinkled in some of my other food, and wow, they rarely eat anything but.

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    Well they're eating quite well now & just about what ever I give them, although they are still much more interested in the water column & the top than live rock & bottom.

    They're just starting to get curious about the live rock, but any food that doesn't float typically gets eaten by crabs, snails, pods or "spooky" creapy crawlies that suck it under the sandbed.

    If I turn off the power heads the blender mush floats long enough for them to eat at least some of it, so I'm hoping it's just a matter of time before they figure it all out.

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