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    Skimmer Questions

    Here's a major newbie question: I'm wanting and needing a skimmer but don't know which to get or build.
    Becket, Venturi, Berlin, Prizm, In-Sump, HOB, AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    Which is which, and why is which one good, and I'm so Confused

    Thanks all for any help...God I love this place

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    id go with a needle wheel skimmer i just recently picked up a deltec and its by far the best skimmer ive seen run, however also all skimmers will perform well as long as set correctly just some are way harder to set correctly and keep set right. So again there are alot of decent skimmers out there, my choice would be a deltec however they are very pricy, i happend to get mine really cheap but it was worth the money

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    How do you know if your skimmer is set correctly? I'm just giving my air value one full turn ..

    Sometimes i get a lot of bubbles in my tank so I turn it down until I don't see them, but then I lose the foam in the skimmer.

    Still a newbie here trying to find his way... ;-)

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    They're all different. On my LifeReef I just adjust the valves so that the water level stops right before the "neck", that seems to be just right. You want lots of foam but not too wet foam. The effluent should be dark coloured. It takes time to break in a new skimmer. The slime coat needs to build up on the inside. It can take 2-3 weeks before you will know just how much foam it will make and can be hard to adjust until then.

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    I suggest you start with where you want to put that will eliminat some of the frustration. Then look at budget and futur long term concerns. In general the cheaper ones need more fussing than the expensive ones. I look at it as how much is my time worth. There are good copies of the AquaC made by this guy and the price is good he also can supply you the parts to make your own.
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