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    Question Newbie Question

    Hi there everyone as you already know im a newbie with a few questions i have had my tank for about 4 months its a 33G tank with one Damsel, 7 Hermit Crabs & 2 snails.

    My 1st question would be
    1. Is it better to buy smaller LR peaces or am i better off buying Larger LR peaces. (can anyone tell me where a good place to buy LR is, i live in B.C lower mainland)

    2. I've had my tank for about 4 months is it okay to add a pair of clown fish?

    3. Is my equipment okay for my setup i have a 33G tank with a 20W Fluorescent lamp, PH 301, 5inch Sand bead, 15LB of LR, a Aqua Clear 201, Whisper 10i, am i missing anything?

    4. My goal for this tank is fish only im not really into the coral but i would like to have one anemones is my lighting strong enough or should i upgrade?

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    Hi and welcome to Aquaria Canada! Hope this helps you out:

    1. Rock size really comes down to personal preference. I don't think it matters greatly to the tank. I like to have approximately one pound of live rock for every pound of water. You can buy it from Ivan here at Aquaria Canada or perhaps at J&L Aquatics which is in BC.

    2. Have you done any water tests yet? If your ammonia is 0 and nitrates are 0 and nitrates less than 10 it is safe to add another fish.

    3. You really should consider a decent protein skimmer.

    4. You would have to upgrade your lighting before getting an anemone.

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    Hi you need at least 4 watts per gallon of water if you want to keep an anemone. As you want to add a pair of clownfish, I would suggest you to make sure that the 2 clownfish are really a PAIR (I mean even if you see them swimming together, they may not be a pair). Otherwise, after you put the anemone in, one of the clownfish may fight against the other one to get really hurt. That happened to me.

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    Alternatively, get two small clowns of the same type and let them pair up naturally. If you get captive bred clowns, you will know for sure that they are still juveniles.

    Most of my reading suggests that keeping an anenome requires MH lighting and even then, they can be a bit hit and miss.

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    Well, I only use power compact and both anemones are striving that I want to take them back to LFS as they are way to big now .... but I decide to wait until they split, at least I can witness this.

    My two clownfish are tank bred (England) and were smaller than 1" when I bought them. They were very happy swimming together, etc. unltil I bought the anemone. The bigger one host in the anemone and when the other one wants to come closer, the bigger one would chase it off.

    So I think the best time to put an anenome is to wait until they mate. That's for sure they are a pair.

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    I live in BC as well.. Abbotsford to be exact and a good place that I've found is called Hidden Reef in abbotsford. Ask for either Marc or Mike but everyone there is GREAT!! They cure the rock for you at no cost and they are getting a HUGE shippment in 2 weeks.

    Hope that helps.

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