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    A friend in need.


    This is what happened to a guy on another site. Does anyone have any idea on what may have happened here. I have taken the liberty of writing to him to see what the spec are on the tank, age, current chem readings and such. I really think that he would appreciate any input that you guys can offer.

    I did recommend him to this site, because in my opinion it is one of the best for getting assistance.

    Thanks, I really do appreciate it.


    Ok.. first off, I tried to feed these guys some food, which they would not eat beacause it was too heavy and would just drop to the bottom of the tank and rot. So What I did was take some water from the tank, and some of the food, and I sofended it up and put it in. All this did was make a huge ugly cloud in the water, and after doing this(the fish were fine at this point, just the water was cloudy) I decided to do a 20% water change to clear it up. I took out the 20%, then treated the tap water, using salt to raise the level of the salt to 1.024(exactly what the tank was at atm) and mixed in a ph balancer that would at the MOST raise the ph to 8.3(I think, but safe)

    After I had switched the water(I was extremly careful about the full disolving of the salt, and the temp of the water, so I doubt that the problem is the salt/ph/or temp of the water) and added it. I then watched the tank for close to 2 hours while I watched TV. The water was crystal clear and the salt levle was still at 1.024 when I wen tto sleep.

    I just got up about 1/2 an hour ago, to get a snack, and now the water in the tank is a very thickly cloudy white, and all the fish are dead. I want to know what happened. The only thing I can think of that I did after adding the water was clean the ends of the pumps off.

    Someone please fill me in here, I Have NO Clue what happened, and I want to avoid this from happening again. What the hell...o happened?

    Was the food I tried to feed originaly the problem, was it the pumps(THinking tha tmaybe the flow inside the pump was slow and me removing the junk that was built up around the intakes increased the flow and posioned the tank, someone help here.)

    Ok.. I just went to have a closer look, and I see stuff which kinda disturbs me. I see what appears tobe tiny white worms stuck all over the inside of the glass in the tank, and I think they may be bloodworms which may have survived freezing, and lived isnide the pumps(All I can think of) or under the gravel, and also a few brine shrimp. These were not there hours ago. Could they have somehow harmed the fish(It is possible the could have survived inside the pumps, because a few months back I had cleaned the pumps out and found a bunch of our missing crabs inside one, all alive and thriving.)

    Someone help me out here, I am really worried that the water itself may be harmful to future fish. What do I do to prevent this next time.?

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    what are the test results? Ph, trates, trites, ammonia, phosphates?
    One thing that did not help is the tap water. For shure you never use treated tap water.... you never know what is in it. but it wouldn't kill the fish.... search for "cloudy white water reef tank" on google and see what you get.
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