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    crystal clear water

    Well...since i start with saltwater, i have notice that there is a lot of tanks with a crystal clear water and i dont see mine that way. Is there a trick to have really clear water? some additifs? I have a sump but dont see a big difference...


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    Well I added a diatom filter on my tank and you wouldnt believe the difference it made.I run it once or twice a week for the night.You can even let it run all the time too

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    Richard .... Crystal clear water is difficult to maintain in a system that uses NO mechanical filter and this is the case with most reefers tanks. I have taken many photos of my tank and from 7 to 10 feet away it looks crystal clear. However if you get right up close to it you soon see that in fact it is far from crystal clear. Look down the length of the tanks water and it is in fact pretty turbid. You can if you like use a polishing filter on it like Volatan dose or skim better, add more circulation, feed less. If you don't have a big enough cleanup crew add some more. Anything that you put in your tank that is not consumed will be floating around in the water until it is fully broken down. In any case as nice as crystal clear water is ... having it dose not mean that all is well. Crystal clear water can be just as toxic as cloudy water. Many folks in this hobby make the mistake of not testing because their water is crystal clear. Don't make this common mistake once you get your water clarity to where you want it.

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    Crystal clear water isn't necessarily good for a reef tank. Depending on the critters you have it may not be possible. Bristle worms, shrimp and pods will spawn in the water producing billions of tiny particles that are great food for your corals and other critters. They wil prevent the water from being crystal clear but that's not a bad thing.

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    Another trick that many experienced reefers use is an ozonizer. There was talk about how these could kill a reef if not used properly and people started to shy away from them. However lately many people are going back to them because there is nothing that can clarify water like an ozonizer can. An author in Coral Magazine swears by it, and denotes that many people will go back to using Ozone.

    It is not dangerous as many people state. Ozone in large quantities is dangerous as it will burn your lungs. This is why it is suggested to use one made for aquarium environments. At the amounts used in aquaria, you would literally have to suck on the output of an ozonizer to cause damage to yourself. There are cheaper units available that are used in Spas, however those emit too much ozone and are not easily controllable.

    The use of carbon on outputs can be suggested, however it is not necessary as many people don't use it. That said, many people inject ozone directly into their skimmers. Some skimmers actually have ports dedicated for this use. Placing carbon at the skimmer's output will help break down whatever minial amount of ozone are left. Bear in mind that ozone is very unstable, and breaks down within seconds. Still though, placing carbon on the skimmer's effluent output will assure you peace of mind. It has also been suggested to place carbon over your skimmate collection cup as there are some reports of people 'smelling' the ozone without it. However one thing to keep in mind is that if you can 'smell' the ozone being injected into the skimmer, you're using too much and can dial it down a little.

    Ozone is not something that has to be used on a daily basis either. You can literally see a difference overnight. In fact, this is the norm for most people. Many need only run ozone once a month to 'polish' their water.

    When used properly;
    - In small amounts
    - with the use of a controller
    - using carbon on outputs

    You can't go wrong.
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    I will be using ozone in my new set up and it will be controlled by my redox meter / controller. when water quality drops to a pre determined level the ionizer will go on. It will also go off when water quality is returned to a good state. For anyone who is thinking about using ozone heed Tang Mans advice and be sure to use an AIR DRYER with you unit.

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