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    opinions for advice...

    Just have a question for everyone here

    I was origionally thinking about switching my curent unit to metal halides but thought I would wait until I get I get the hang of everything and eventually have a custom tank made (save $$ in the long run this way)

    I have the coralife (36") 2x96 watt power attinics with the moon light set up tank is 36 long 16 deep and 18 high. I was wondering with these lights if I could house certain corals.. I've been looking on the net and it pretty much just says moderate lighting and I'm running about 4.4 watts per gallon.

    I would like to have some pulsating xenia, brain coral, candy cane coral, kenya tree, ananome- purple tip and bubble tip, and an elagance coral and a frog spawn.

    Let me know if you all think these will do well in my tank or do you think I should just go halides?

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    The only coral I have experince with is the candy cane. I have it under 3 X 32 watt PC's in a 10 gallon tank. I have had it for almost 2 years. It has grown alot in that time, and has been very easy to take care of. Just make sure you feed it every couple days.

    Why don't you just get a metal halide pendant. That way you would be able to use it on any new tank that you buy or build. Or get a metal halide retro fit kit, and incorperate your PC actinics with a single halide bulb. If you wanted to get really ambitious you could even put 2 halides over that tank.

    There is nothing wrong with using PC's. I do have to say though, get the halides now cause you will just want them later anyway. That way you will not be restricted to the corals that you put into your system. JMO

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    you might want to hold off on the anemone and the elegance till you get more light. the others will do okay but would really appreciate the MH.

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    The only problem that I have right now with the halides in the space... I only have 7 inches above the tank for space.. I also heard that if I go halides that I should have some sort of attinics as well or is this wrong??

    I can go with a 250 watt pendant style Hamilton with a 14k bulb what does everyone think about this with it being only 7 inches above water level. I heard that bulb is very blue.

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    When it comes to lighting a reef tank I aways agreed with using MH bulbs. Plan on one for each 2 foot X 2 foot square. 7 inches is enough room to use them but like all of us who use MH lighting heat dissipation will have to be addressed. I am not sure if having attinics is considered to be mandatory or not. I will leave that part to the guys in the lighting department. I don't intend to use anything other then MH over my new 225 reef.

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    If you all had the option of choosing the coralite 2x92 watt pc's or the 150 watt hqi with 2x65 watt attinics which would you chose.. I think because of my space above the tank these are probably my only 2 options for now. the HQI coralite sysytem is about 300$ more so keep that in mind....
    In about 1 year I will be getting a custom tank made (pentagon style) and what ever I get will be placed in the front of my new tank and then I will go with a 250 watt or 400 watt for the back 1/2 of the tank (since thats where I will have more space).

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