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    I want to buy new fish tank

    Hi, I want to buy a 50g fish tank and I was wondering the best way/place to go about it.

    Should I try and buy a kit or individual parts? I looked for second hand stuff but so hard to find people selling close by.

    What would be the price range of a 50g tank with lighting and filter? All the tanks in fish stores seem to vary greaty regarding price.

    I'm in the Ottawa area, any idea which store has the best deals? Big Als, PetSmart, SuperPet?


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    IMO it is best for a salt water setup to buy the tank and selected parts that you want separately. That way you can custom make your own setup to meet your needs. As for who's got the best deals .. check with Ivan right here at AC. He may or may not have 50 gallon tanks at this time but even if he doesn't his prices on pumps and dry goods is tough to beat. IMO his service is second to none. Harley of acrylic City can build you anything you need to have made of Plexiglas

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    Welcome to Aquaria Canada s1ade! Many newcomers don't realize that this is a store as well as a message board. Be sure to check with IJO (Ivan) who runs the place, he has great prices and excellent customer service.

    I agree with Salty Dog, buy the parts separately. Kits may seem like a savings but when you see what you actually get you'll likely want to buy new equipment for it anyway. In this hobby quality is king and it's always better to buy the right gear the first time.

    I'd recommend first deciding on what type of tank you want. That will determine the equipment you need. If you want a basic FOWLR (fish only with live rock) you can get up and running fairly cheaply. If you want to keep softies (soft corals and polyps) you'll need a bit more equipment but still not too bad on the wallet. If you are more interested in LPS (large polyp stoney corals) then you will need to consider equipment to help with better water quality and additives to keep your water chemistry stable. If you want to jump in the deep end and go with SPS (small polyp stoney corals) and clams then you're looking at more a expensive startup.

    We can all help you decide what's best for the type of tank you're setting up.

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