I just got my return pump, and tweaked everything so it's running quitely but I beleive I'm now in the market for a larger sump, or if there is a power failure I may have a little mess. but I do think it will survive, it'll just bee really, really close. Right now I use a 5.5G aquarium and I'm kind of limited for space. I'm thinking of designing one but I'm going to need some help . As for space I'm limiter to L10.5xW15xH15 outside dimensions. I can go a little higher if need be, maybe up to 18. Right now the 'sump' is very turbulant and I'd like to find a way to minimize this. Also when everything is designed I'm going to see if I can get Harley to build it for me, I've only heard good thisngs about him. So if anybody has any ideas or if you can post a designs for your sump, everything is appreciated, thanks in advance.