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Thread: Feather dusters

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    Feather dusters

    ok i have a 2 part question 1 is an ID..forst off i have found a feather duster(actually looks like 2 sharing the same stock) its small righ tnow but wondering if they will grow bigger and how big might they possibly get. The secn\ond and the ID question is on another piece of live rock i have a dark(almost black and white stripped) eel lookign thing its only small but seems to extend and retract almost the same way an earth worm would, it lives in the rock and the front(i think its the front) looks to have a small feather duster attached, now this thigs extends from the rock and searches the other rocks next to it, and searches different crevices in the rock it live in....anyone have any idea what it might be? is it safe? im trying to get pics but so far there all blurry


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    The double headed feather duster is just another type of worm- they usually don't get any bigger.
    The other thing -I don't know, pics would help...It is a good bet that it is safe, as 99% of the things that come in on rock are good and safe.

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    That double headed worm is probably a Xmas tree worm. What color is the feathers/head?
    The striped worm thingy is most probably a Peanut worm. They stay in a specific hole in the rock and extend their tube when it's dark to feed. They are excellant detritus eaters that will forage around their doorway as they never move around but rather stay in the same opening.

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