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    Lighting set-up advice needed


    I am now lighting my tank with a 175w 14k metal halide. I am thinking to add at least an other metal halide bulb on my tank. Should I add a 250W, a 400W or a 175W ??? I want to have as much light as possible( even if I get sunburn while I will be cleaning my tank). I am thinking of adding 1 or 2 VHO actinic or 50/50 to add more blue to my tank and to be able to have a progressice opening and closing of my light. My tank is 18 inch deep, 12 inch wide and 36 inch long. Thank you every one ffor your advice and experince!!!!! :biggrinbo

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    Two more actinics will definetly give the tank more colour and punch- it's also very cool to see your tank with only actinics on.
    As for M.h. I don't think you need a 400w but a 250 would be good- stick to the 10k range, it gives the best spectrum. And with the extra actinics, you don't need 20k

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