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Thread: bigger skimmer?

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    bigger skimmer?

    If I were to put on a Hang on Skimmer rated for a 150 gallon tank on a 44 gallon tank would this be ok or is there such a thing as too much skimming power? the one that I was thinking of was the Prizm pro delux (I can get it for next to nothing from a friend) I currently have a regular prizm rated for 90 gal but more like 50 from what I've heard. I'm going to have a reef tank with probably a medium to high bio load once it's complete.

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    To be quite honest with you I havn't heard very good things about that skimmer. I have never owned one so I can't really say from first hand experince.

    I don't think you can ever over skim your tank. I have the cpr bak pak skimmer rated for a 60 gal tank on my 10 gallon nano and it works fine.

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    I'd do it. It's easy enough to crank back most skimmers if necessary (unlikely) but you can't turn up one that's not enough for your tank. I'm not familar with those brands mentioned though. Still, I don't see how you could take out too much bad stuff

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    The prizm skimmers aren't very good at all and extremely overated in terms of tank size. The prizm rated for 150 gal will just, just do it for your 40 gal...IMO.
    To answer the general question- it's pretty hard to over skim a tank unless we're talking monster skimmers, like industrial ones. But most basic skimmers would have a hard time stripping a tank and as Flame said, one could always dial it back a little.
    The Red Sea Berlin TURBO skimmer would be very decent for your tank.

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    I agree with Cable guy,the prizms are not really the best skimmer out there for the money there are a few other brands that are a knock off of the EuroReef & incororate needel wheel for the same moneyas the prizm.

    Overskim naaaah...


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    I agree about the Prizms as well from what I've heard but for what I'm getting it for I'm almost getting ot for free and until I get my custom tank I want to stick with a Hang on for the time being and almost free well you can't really pass that by even for an over rated skimmer thanks for the advice now that I know I can't really over skim especially with this skimmer I'll take it off his hands.

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