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    Unhappy Emergency Move

    Hi everyone as u can tell i need help i have a 33G tank which was fine for about 5 months now, i've had no problems with it but today Sept 2nd 04 my tank Started to LEAK

    What am i to do i already hit the LFS to get a new tank but how am i to move everything ?
    Anyone have any ideas on how to move my two clowns my clean up crew my LR & my LS please help me ............ :bawling:
    Im still a Newbie

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    First, deep breathe, and relax.

    How deep is your sand bed? If it is under 2" deep, you should be able to move the entire sandbed with no issues. If it's deeper than 2", I would suggest only keeping the top 1-2" layer of sand, and scrapping the rest to replace it with new sand in order to minimize the risk of aneorobic gasses from being released.

    So.. here's how you go about this move. Get your new tank and have it ready to install. If it's the same size, you'll likely be placing it in the same place as the old one, right?

    Make some saltwater (maybe 5-10 gallons), to have on-hand just in case.

    Get yourself some rubbermaid storage containers if you don't have any (~$5 at walmart). They hold about 12 gallons each. Get enough to put all your water and rock and inhabitants.

    Drain 1/2 of the water into these rubbermaid containers, then place your liverock, then your livestock into them, and drain the rest of the water until you're left with the sandbed only.

    At this point, with only the sand bed in the tank, have someone help you take the tank off the stand and place it on the floor nearby. Place your new tank on the stand.

    If your sandbed is less than 2" deep, take all the sand, and move it to the new tank. If your sandbed is over 2" deep, and you wish to maintain a DeepStandBed in your new tank, get some new sand into the new tank, then only take the top 1-2" layer of sand from your old tank and put it on top of the new sand in the new tank.

    Once the sand is in place, put a salad bowl onto the sand, and slowly take the water from your rubbermaid containers and pour (or pump) it into the salad bowl so you don't displace the sand too much. Slowly add your rock and livestock back into the tank, and you'll be done. If you need more water, you have some that you made just in case.

    The inhabitants may be a little stressed or scared from the move for the next day or so, but you should be ok.

    Hope that helps. I don't think I forgot anything
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    You might want to add a power head and or an air stone to the rubber maid container. I'd also suggest putting your heater in that way you'll have more time to set up the new system.

    Good luck!
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    Good point Krugar. That's what I forgot.
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    thanks everyone for your time im off to do the imposible

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    CAUTION ...If you do not know where the tank is leaking. Before you pick up that tank make sure the bottom pane is intact. It your tank is leaking because the bottom pane is cracked the entire bottom COULD drop out when you lift it off the stand. The wet sand is pretty heavy

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