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    Wow venki... thats a ton of corals to add at one time... I wouldn't recommend this many even on an establish setup...

    If something goes wrong you run the chance of losing a lot of livestock... how are your tank perameters(ammonia,nitrate, nitrite)? Has your tank completed its cycle?

    There is one thing that most of the experienced reefers suggest and its to be patient and to take your time.. let your tank age and mature. Beauty doesn't come over night... rushing things will only cost you more $$$ with the possibility of losing a ton of life.


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    I have lost my patience, i may not have time for additions after October. All parameters are normal for now. I would prefer the smallest one in each possible.

    I am tired of looking at my ugly tank.

    I am going to be doing a 10% water change every day for the next couple of weeks after adding them. I hope all will be well.

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    If I may recommend something. You say you've already lost your patience??!!! WOW!! If you're already at that state, you're going to have a rough ride through this hobby!!! If I can recommend just 1 thing to you, it's to listen to Ivan!! If you think you're the only one that has had to stare at an empty ugly tank in the beginning, think again because everyone has gone through that stage. Did you know that the average for a reefer to quit the hobby is just about 1 year after starting? You want to know why??.... it's because they rushed in the beginning, had all kinds of problems, lots of livestock get sick or die and in the end, the hobbyist gets fed up, discouraged and sells all his stuff. The ones who are patient in the beginning, end up staying in this hobby.
    Please be more patient!!
    Now, if you still won't listen, then I'll comment on your list.
    A Devil's hand is fine but is one of the strongest chemicalwise in the finger leathers.
    Plate corals are fine too but I warn you to inspect it VERY carefully and thoroughly. These corals have VERY thin skin and if it has the tiniest blemish or scrape, then it has a very good chance that it will spread, deteriorate and die. These corals are notorious to keep alive long.
    While lots of people add Anemones quickly, lots of people also lose Anemones. It's very sad actually because in the oceans, an Anemone lives with sensanence ( meaning it never dies and will live on and on) as long as nothing kills or attacks it, yet in the hobby tons of Anemones die all the time. If you want to add one, it takes a very stable and mature tank to keep it alive for a long time. Have you done any reading on the bubble tip type? Do you plan on adding clownfish to host it? Did you know that each type of clown will only host in a certain type of Anemone? Even though your tank has gone through it's INITIAL cycling and you think your parameters are good and stable,..... it's not!!! Your tank will keep cycling and maturing for the first entire year, but not in the sense of cycling as it did in the first weeks and months that it was setup.
    You say it's "ugly" when you look at it.., well this means it still hasn't finished cycling.

    Out of curiosity, why may you not have time in October to add anything. It doesn't take long to add something into a tank. Believe me that if you add everything you want to in that list now, you better still have some time in October to either take out somethings that are dying, or to have to re arrange things. You'll always need some time for your tank.

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    I do agree with Toutouche.
    This is my second tank and I've waited, and waited, and waited.....
    I've just put in an anemone ( a week ago ) after a year, and so far he's looking good, but I'll wait and see how he goes before I try my hand at another, and do the same with corals. One addition, wait, then another.
    I lost $2000 in the first tank explosion, and aside from the financial loss, living creatures died. I don't think that I have a right to take something from the wild (tank bred or not) and not give it the best environment I can, and the utmost chances of survival.
    I've also just caught another crab... that's 12 to date!! have you thoroughly checked the rocks for critters? and then checked again?
    I've had friends make fun of my "rock" tank, in the past, and it's hard not to want it all, and now.
    But if you wait a little and add species slowly, you probably will have it all and for longer.


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    With so many advising against addition all at once, I think i'll have to skip the idea of adding corals all at once.

    It been 3 months now since I started this tank. I have been patient all along.

    Do feather Dusters propagate easily?, I had something growing my rock, it looked like a baby crab (this was a few weeks ago before I added my Feather Duster). Now they have started getting the tubes, they are unmistakably a feather duster. I may have 4 including the one I bought recently. I have read that they live at the bottom of a reef. Why are they growing at the top of the tank?

    I am finding bristle worms at a depth of 1 inch in the sand bed, I think I may have one to many though. I'll have to get one of those fish that eats bristle worms, to keep them under control.

    I have a few mushrooms growing now must have been dormant or something.

    I think I have a good tank in the making, so I am not going to rush with the addition.


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    Thanks Tiffany,

    Good move!!
    Just to make a point. I setup a 90gal. tank for a friend of mine last year in the spring and only this spring he has started to add stuff. People that went over would bug him about his rock tank!! He added one thing at a time, be it fish, invert or coral and every single thing he added is doing excellant. He had no problems what so ever. If you want, you cam still add 1 or 2 corals now. Add one of the easier types such as the leathers and use these as a thermometer for your tanks condition.
    As to the FDusters, if you're talking about the very tiny ones that are popping up on the rockwork and are different colors such as red ( the most common), white, pink, etc... Yes they will multiply BUT they will never grow big. It is not the same type of Duster as you would buy in the store. If you really want them to multiply, start feeding something such as ESV spray dried phytoplankton, or DT's or any other phytoplankton. These tiny dusters are filter feeders and are all good since they make up part of your bio filter in the tank. All FDusters, the big Hawaiian ones, dwarf sized ones, that you buy, and even the tiny ones that pop up by themselves are all filter feeders and only eat phyto. Lots of people lose the ones they buy because they are not getting the right food and don't know they need phyto. All the FDusters that you buy should be placed in/on the sandbed. They use the fine silt in the sand and their mucous to build their tubes. The tiny ones popping up on the rockwork are NOT the same and they build very hard tubes ( you will learn this as you grab a piece of rock in the tank and feel many little pointy things jab you). These guys build a harder calcerous tube and can be white or the color of the rock. If you want an Anemone later, fine and more power to ya, but just be patient. That is the one thing that is absolutely MANDATORY in this hobby. ENJOY!!

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    That is all tride and true info these good folk are giving you. A good wait before each addition is a must! I only added an anenome after 1 full tear or more. With your present lights and tank size skip the anenome! he won't do well and they move sometimes and will kill your corals.They also grow fast! and even if he did do well he would take up a good 50% of your realstate if not more. Anenome are very sensitive and need a very stable and old tank[1 +years] I don't recommend it fot a 37g. Leathers, as greg stated some perform chemical defences and in a 37g that could prove to be very shitty.
    take your time and investigate all new additions.1 at a time.
    with your lighting stick to a few leathers ,some shrooms, greenstar polyps and stuff of that nature. skip the brains as they also grow large fairly quick unless you just want 1 and hardly any of the others.Your on the right track with asking questions, always ask.

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