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    Base Rocks arrived...


    I ordered Base Rock from Ivan to start my new tank (77G).

    They all arrive in....many pieces...

    I do not really know <rocks> since I'm new so any opinions
    will be great...

    look the picture

    What is the best way to 'dispose' them...doing some bridges or just pilling them?

    I'm scared to show the big 'boat reck' i also purchase... I think
    it's not real good for a saltwater tank...

    I think I'm pretty happy with I need LRs..

    Can I borrow $ anyone?)....

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    They look pretty good to me LadyP. The way you have them set up looks good too. My preference is to BUILD with the rock. I am going to try to create some structure that hopefully looks natural.

    From what I understand, if you plan on having fish, little caves and hiding places are beneficial. It also seems more natural natural to me.

    Have fun. It is pretty exciting.
    180g with 2 x 54g corner bowfront bookends. 220 FOWLR in the works, 75g sump, 75g fuge, 75g QT.
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    looks great! lots of open caves for water flow thru is the best.

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    If you dont mind me asking howmuch was the base rock a pnd

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    100$ for 50 lbs

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    How much is the shipping?

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    you mush ask Ivan about shipping cost since it may differ for each person.

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