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    Hippo Tang

    Hey Folks,
    I picked up a Baby Hippo(regal) Tang from IJO last night and must admit it's a great looking fish. it's approx 1" long and quite active. My damsel seems to be picking on it by going up to it and knocking it around. It looks like it's trying to bite it's tail.
    Is this normal and any ideas as to weather or not it will stop if I change around the rock structure.

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    Damsels are notorious for this. Especially if they are one of the first fish in the tank. They are VERY territorial and yours has probably already claimed the whole tank as his and is protecting his territory from this impetuous newcomer.

    Each fish is an individual and there's no telling how bad the aggression will get with your fish. Many people have had to remove damsels because of this though.

    Keep an eye on things and use your best judgement. If after several days the behavior is worse start looking for a new home for the damsel. If it's getting better - consider yourself lucky. Don't count on an aggressive damsel giving up once the hippo grows, these fish think they are great white sharks and will gladly harrass any fish of any size if they can get away with it.

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    I'd echo what Susan has said...but I would add keep a close eye on the hippo...a damsel can do quite abit of damage in a short time...I ended up tearing my 100gal apart to take out one damsel that almost killed my 3inch+ tomatoe clown.
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