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    Electricity advice for computer Fan

    Hi everyone,

    I have installed 2 new fan in my canopy today, but I have bought them too strong and this is too noisy. They are both 0.5A . What I would like to know is if there will be a problem if I would use a less powerfull transformer to drive my fan? I have one that can produce 0.4A and with that one the fan would run a lot more slower and would be less noisy. Thank you every one !!!

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    It's not the 0.5 A rating you are entirely interested in (current). In order to lower the speed of the fan it is better to lower the voltage rating with a lower "V" output transformer. I wouldn't normally suggest this however because you shouldn't arbitrarily select a transformer unless you are confident it is strong enough current-wise to drive the fan, and that it is near the voltage spec. There are other ways to lower the fan speed but require some "electronic" massaging .

    My advice would be to change the fans for a quieter design or lower rating.

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    I've seen DIY plans to put a thermal resistor on the fan circut. It didn't look too complex & the resistors (I think they're called thermistors or something like that) were from Radio shack if I recall correctly.

    Basically they have less resistance as the temperature increases so you fan gets faster when needed & slower when it doesn't without you having to do anything.

    A simplier idea might be to pick up a pot & turn it down to where you want it, when you're near by.

    Wiring's straight forward for either, the only tricky bit is deciding where to put the thermistor & what size to get.

    The fans themselves are very simplistic & speed is controlled by voltage. There's frequently something much more complex deciding how much voltage to give, but since it's not going into a computer you don't have to worry about it

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    Here is my favorite thread from RC. If you look for a post from easttn, you will find a circuit using Radioshack parts that lets you control the fan based on heat from the lights.

    My fans are not even on a timer. The fans idle quietly providing gas exchange and night, then when the lights come on, they spool up to move the heat. They never need to hit full speed so they are very quiet.

    Good luck.

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