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    Cycling a new tank (and "Hello!")

    Hello everyone,

    I just happened to stubble across this site, and I must say that it is AWSOME!

    Currenty, I have a 30 gallon tank with live rock, 1 yellow tang, two clowns, one blue damsel, one lawnmower blenny, and one turbo snail. I am in the process right now of setting up a 90 gallon tank. It is a Hagen (48X24X18). I built the stand myself, and I am just in the process of building the light hood. Lights, sand, skimmer, pumps,salt, and plumbing is all purchased. The sand is in the tank (no water yet), skimmer (prizm) is on the sump tank. I'm planning on adding the saltwater this weekend and starting the cycling process. I was wondering if I should take the live rock out of my 30 g and toss it into the 90 g, or just cycle the tank first, and then transfer the rock over? Also, should I have lights on during the cycling process? I can't wait to get this tank up and running! My 30 gallon is a FOWLR, but I would like to have corals and anemones in my 90g. Also, when do you think I should purchase a clean-up-crew, and how many (and what) should I get? Thanks in advance for any help!


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    there is absolutly no problem in adding liverock and actually it is a good way to help cycle your tank and stabilize it. you could afford a fair amount of live rock in a 90g but add you live stock slowly and search here before each purchase as somethings need a very mature tank. keep testing your tank for ammonia and nitrates and nitrites. Once your at zero then you can start adding a cleanup crew. remember to acclimate your crew slowly.

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    I would purchase 60-75% of the liverock you need for the new 90g, let them cycle in the new tank for a couple of weeks (how long depends on how "cured" the liverock is). When you are ready to move your fish, move everything, including your LR in your 30g over as well.

    If you transfer your old LR now, how are your fish going to survive without the LR's biological filtration? Your 30g is pretty crowded. Good call on the new 90g.
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