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    Is this hair Algea?

    I have this on several rocks. It's more tub like than hair. I had the rock give to me from a tank that wasn't taken care of scrubed most of the rock but left some on. Fish love eating it. Everything is 0, nitrate is 5. New tank been up for 3 weeks never really cycled. Rock and Sand came from a 5 year setup water was 10g ocean water and the rest was made up. Test everyother day. Never had the ammonia spike or the nitrite spike. ph is 8.4 on my pinpoint.


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    I could be wrong but it kind of looks like Bryopsis.......anyone?

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    Bryopsis is more feathery, I can't tell from the pic. Could be either hair or bryopsis. jjjtoy - take a look at a single "strand" of it. If it's shaped like a feather it's bryopsis. If not, most likely hair algae.

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