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    Salifert KH/Alk question

    For some reason I have myself confused over this test. I have followed the Salifert directions up to step #5. The reading on the syringe is at 0.45. What do I do with this value?

    If I follow the numbers in the chart the results would be: 8.6-9.0 dKH and 3.09-3.20 meq/L ALK.

    My calcium is at 450, what should the ALK be?


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    I am also using the salifert test kit. And I am also a little confused. My calcium is 460. (Oceanic salt) The alkalinity test showed about 6.1 dKH. On another thread there was a link to a calcium alkalinity balance calculator that indicated my alkalinity should be about 14.

    I am using Kent Pro buffer to bring the alkalinity up. Monday night the alk was at 8.0. Like you, I would like to know what my alk should be.

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