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Thread: Overflow Box...

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    Overflow Box...

    Alright were can I get one and not pay a fotune... Or who here can make me one

    Or have detailed plans...

    I have to have my sump working

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    try HARLEY here! also known as ACRYLICCITY.

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    Harley will build an overflow box for a drilled tank, I've dealt with Harley before and would recommend his work...but if you are lookign for a hang on overflow, Harley doesn't build those... try ebay...I got a 600gph HOB overflow for $25U.S on ebay.
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    Did you notice that Scuba Steve is selling one in the Classified here on AC?
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    Yes thank you... I'm looking for a hang on... Sorry I should of mention it... Tanks for the info!

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    Hey Marc

    Check out

    He basically explains how it works and how to make one, he has many other links on his page which are good for DIY stuff.

    You can always try eBay, I saw some tidepool overflows for pretty cheap the other day...

    Anyhow good luck!

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    That weir looks very cool , it's a intresting design.

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    I have made these in the past and they work rather well. You do however have to add to that drawing an air release at the top of the unit. Doing this will allow you to 1) Create a vacuum in the unit to draw water up in to the upper most part of the inverted U and 2) Remove air that will collect there and if left unattended to break the siphon. I used to use a plastic in line air hose fitting with a ONE WAY air valve to do the job. Height of the unit can be adjusted by adding any given number of 1/4" Plexiglas shims under the middle where it sits on the tanks rim.

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