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Thread: backpak skimmer

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    Question backpak skimmer

    Just picked up a 46g bowfront to start my first saltwater tank! can you say pumped!

    It came with a packpak skimmer and I'm wondering if someone might discribe what exactly I'm looking for in terms of height of collection funnel? should there be foam at all times? I've lowered the funnel but then it fills up in a few hours, figure that is too wet. Also, it is constantly slurping air from the intakes, is that normal?

    Anyways, have 40lb of live rock with the tank. currently with many fans and one mushroom. testing every day to watch for the cycle but nothing yet in 3 days. I'll keep watching.

    Any help is appreciated!

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    You can only judge on what the position of the collection cup should be by the quality of foam, you should aim for a dark brown foam, dry foam. I've used the bakpak myself and its a pretty good HOB skimmer once you get it set right
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    YEah man, i was thinking about a buying a AquaC bak-pak, do you kmow what brand you have?


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    I've got a CPR bak-pak that I got when I started out.... it's a good little skimmer and will be using it on a nano for my daughter...

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