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Thread: stocking ideas

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    stocking ideas

    Hello All I am looking for input on what to add to my aqurium(20g) next, currenttly I have 2 maroon clowns 2 red leg hermit crabs about 8 blue legged and a bunch of snails. There is 15-19lbs of live rock(full of feather dusters) and the tank is lighted by two no fluorescent and has been running for about a year and a half.

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    Basically whatever is compatible with your tank size and your current inhabitants will be good, it comes down to personal choice...

    I personally still can't make up my mind on what stock I will put in my 20G when its up and running but I know for sure Ill have a flamehawk...I have lots of other fishes which id like but I can't make up my mind!!

    Saltwater has so much colorful fishes its so hard to decide when you have a nano!!! : hehe

    20G Reef Tank (Starting again...)

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    I really like the Green Chromis ... small, colorfull and hardy. Just make sure not to add too many fish and you'll be fine. I also like the fighting cochs they stay smaller than the queen conch's and they sift sand like crazy.


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