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Thread: New Skimmer!

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    New Skimmer!

    I bought this cool looking skimmer... The price was amazing:

    The guy at the LFS said it was a really good one... This is what I got CLICK HERE

    I hooked it up last night... The water turns round and round in the tube thingy I turn on the air valve :eek4: You should of seen my fish look at me like I was a retard :P My Yellow Goby told me "Why the hell would you buy that thing?" :evillaugh

    Sorry I'm bored... I have nothing to do at work... I did buy a new skimmer though... From Harley! I'm just waiting for my sump to be ready and my overflow box to show up at my door step and I'll be in business!


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    hope you didn't waste to much on the SEACLONE. there not the best of skimmers for sure.The one HARLEY built ya will definatley be better.

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    I didn't buy a seaclone... I'm just bored at work... I cant wait for my sump to be ready so I can try my new skiimer from harley!
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