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    Who read the conscentious marine aquarist?

    I am just wondering how many people owns,or has read the conscentious marine aquarist?I have had that book since the beginning and I love it.When I go away for work I always bring it with me....i guess when you read it once you know it but i still read it just for fun.I think its very informative.....

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    yeah same here great book glad the wife bought it for me

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    i've read it when i first got my tank. but now i feel that i have advanced past that book (i.e. now know those basics) and have given it away to a new B.
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    I baught it when I first got into the hobby. It's a great read with some nice pictures. I love it and occasionly go back to flip through it.

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    Steph, do you still have that book ? If so can I borrow it ?

    Thanks bud!

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    Its nice to get general info on some species and its a great place to find it for a start

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