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Thread: rio pumps

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    rio pumps

    any opinions on them god bad better than like a mag 1200 ???

    I need imput from guys using this equipment please

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    I never owned a Rio pump but all I seem to hear about em is You get what you pay for...

    There not the best pump's, they seem to have alot of issue's...but they seem to be cheaper in price too compared to other quality pumps...

    It all comes down to what you will be doing with it...mixing salt water is fine but using it as a pump for my system, id personnally stay away..

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    I had a RIO 2100. It worked ok for less then 1 year. Exactly as predicted it failed. Go for the MAG pumps. I have used a MAG7 for 3 years running with no issues, and a MAG9 for 2 years.

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    The rio 3100 is supposed to be alot better.I ordered one for my skimmer and i will let you know on the performance and stuff

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    Rio supposedly has made a overhall to all its pumps,thats what they say I have seen there new ones and they seem to be ok so far.

    But I would go with the MAG pumps they are solid.


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    the only advantage i see to a rio is the weight....for hang on skimmers its good...but other than that???i dont know

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