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    What's everyboby feeding there tank?

    Been back into it for about 2 months just wondering what everyones using or if people can let me know what i should use. Now i'm using frozen everything(brime shrimp,krill...ect) with some flake.
    I have:

    1 flame angel
    1 coral beauty
    1 regal tang
    1 sailfin tang
    1 scooter golbie
    2 clowns
    4 cromies
    1 cleaner wasse
    2 cleaner shrimp

    corals i have mushrooms and some finger leather,button and star polyps.


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    This post has some great food advice
    I plan on trying this when I get my tank fully setup.

    Hope it helps


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    What foods would anyone recommend?

    Golden Pearl
    Mysis Shrimp

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    Those are all great- but they will shut down your skimmer for a couple of hours. So I ususally only feed those once a day, and use the less oily foods for the other feedings. Like quality pellets, spirulina flake, and the other frozen foods- daphnia, brine, blood worms...
    Gail in Nova Scotia

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    I feed my tank ... MONEY ... LOL LOL LOL sorry ... I couldn't help myself.

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    Got that right rob,I put more money into it than into myself

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    Ya- I wish I ate as well as my fish- no, that's wrong- I wish I ate as well as SUSAN'S fish! LOL.
    Gail in Nova Scotia

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    Good one
    180g with 2 x 54g corner bowfront bookends. 220 FOWLR in the works, 75g sump, 75g fuge, 75g QT.
    Solaris I4 72", 2 x 150 HQI Outer Orbit Pendants, Reeflo Orca 250, Profilux controller, Tunze 6101's and 6055's, Deltec CA Rx, PM Kalk Mixer, PM SR45 reactors.

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    Oh Jeez. Well, I guess I have to admit my fish do eat well. I have four butterflyfish in the new tank now and I'm having trouble keeping nori on the veggi clip. With all I feed them I can't believe that they still want to nibble but they're at it constantly.

    Here's a rundown on the foods I feed:

    raw scallops from grocery store - LOTS of fish eat this, you have to chop them very fine, easiest to do when partially frozen. I feed some of this with each meal (I feed 3 times a day).

    PE Mysis - about the best mysis there is, very high in protien ( however, this stuff you have to go a bit easy on, leftovers will pollute your tank and it will shut down your skimmer for a few hours, I just feed it once a day. Great stuff to get finicky fish eating.

    Hikari mysis - second best mysis, fish still love it but it doesn't pollute as much or shut down the skimmer.

    Mega Marine algae - awesome for fish that need veggies in their diet. I feed one cube a day.

    Mega Marine angel - great for angels or any fish that need sponge like butterflyfish. I put one in every meal for the new tank because I have a bunch of butterflyfish and an angel.

    Mega Marine tropical - a nice mix of some veggies and some meat. I feed one a day.

    Bloodworms - great stuff, mandarins love it. I feed it once a day.

    Sweetwater Zooplankton - awesome for fish with small mouths.

    Tim's mystery plankton - this is something new. Tim Tessier at SeaCare feeds it to his fish. It's a red frozen ocean plankton that comes in a pack with no wrapper. Our local store, Aqua Creations, is stocking it now. Seems to be near irristable to most fish.

    Brine Shrimp - I feed this, soaked in Selco, to my tubastreas in the evening but I thaw enough so that the fish get a little snack, they love it. Brine shrimp on it's own has almost no nutritional value, it's like junk food for fish. It's a bit better if you soak it in Selco though.

    Golden Pearls - awesome for feeding corals with small mouths.

    Cyclopeze - same, my fish don't eat it although I've heard others say their's do.

    Press on Spirulina tablets - I have a female black leopard wrasse that eats a whole one of these every morning.

    Nori - I buy it at a little Chineese grocery store. It's dried seaweed that comes in packs of 12 squares that I cut into 2" strips that you can fold up and put on a veggie clip. It's great stuff for fish that need veggies.

    Hope this helps.

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    See- what did I tell ya! Heaven is being one of Susan's fish! :-)

    My fish all eat the cyclopeeze, but they are mostly small guys.

    Hey, Susan- is Tim's red plankton like my live copepods?
    Gail in Nova Scotia

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