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Thread: Foam or not

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    Foam or not

    In setting up a new tank should i put 1/4 foam insulate between tank and stand (the stand is factory build for tank)
    Also Is it recommended to put background on tank. blue or black etc.

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    Color of the chosen background is a personal choice. I prefer to use a background because it will reflect light back into the tank and it hides wires, tubes and equipment that may be hanging on the tanks walls. I paint both ends and the back of my tanks unless i want to view the ends. I would only use the Styrofoam under the tank if the bottom is truly FLAT as compared to the tanks that have the bottom pane set up inside the walls. With those types the plastic edge seems to cut into the Styrofoam and the tank can settle off level Far more easily. The only way to avoid this is if the Styrofoam is at least 1/2 to 1 inch bigger the the tanks bottom all the way around.

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    I spray painted the back of my 65 gal sea-blue and don;t regret it for a second. Used el-cheapo paint from WalMart. The choraline algae is building up as the tank ages but the blue does hide the wires and such.

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    Do you have picture of you blue background plarabie?I mean your tank....front view

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